i-Mentors (Ismaili Mentors) – A Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring Program

i-Mentors Themes

In i-Mentors, we believe in the holistic development of each person; therefore, we have developed four themes through which our Bigs and Littles can build quality assets that will support them as they strive to maximize their personal potential.

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Inspire the mind

  • Activities related to school and academic excellence
  • Building critical thinking skills
  • Helping Littles develop a passion for learning
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Strengthen the Body

  • A focus on health and wellness
  • Critically thinking about the choices we make to live a healthy lifestyle
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Nurture the Soul

  • Discussions regarding religious formation and/or spirituality
  • Participating in acts of service to others and community engagement
  • Grounding values of our faith
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Have a Blast!

  • We have many positive, prosocial avenues through which we can have fun. ‘Have a Blast!’ aims to teach our youth to have fun with learning, being healthy, and following the ethics of our faith

Where are we now?

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For more information please visit i-Mentors at www.eduonline.net